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burek.exe is designed for Microsoft Windows. By now, there is only polish version, but in a few days it'll be translated. Burek.exe is written by cezex.


For Unix-like systems it's easy. Of course some commands may be different in various systems, byt the princpiple is the same: you have to send to JAKE character 'A' (ASCII code 0x41) periodically (for example: every minute). The easiest way is to use cron:
stty -F /dev/ttyS0 1200 raw -echo cs8 -cstopb;echo  A >/dev/ttyS0 
First command sets the port settings, second sends data to JAKE.

To configure JAKE there is Small help is shown with '-h' option. The script was written by Konrad Roziewski, who wrote the main functions and patiently explained me Perl's secrets. At this time it can't be omitted that this page wouln't exist without him.

To shut the power off to external devices there is a command:
echo x93Xxc2Yk >/dev/ttyS1
And to turn it on
echo x93Xxc2Yl >/dev/ttyS1
Automatic access point reset can be easy done by adding to cron:
ping -c 1 addres_to_check >/dev/null || (echo x93Xxc2Yk
>/dev/ttyS1;sleep 2;echo x93Xxc2Yl >/dev/ttyS1)


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