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What is the range inside the building?

That's the question similar to: What's the mileage? Your mileage may vary.

Radio link and the range is similar to the mileage. It depends on dongle's transmitter power, KeySender localization, wall width and many other things. I recommend using good brand dongles such as BlueTake. Using noname dongles or with smaller power do not guarantees achieving a good range.

Why dongle's transmitter power is such important? Nobody gives this parameter.

Dongle's transmitter must have enough power to send command to KeySender. Good brand manufacturers gives this parameter. 14 dBm or higher is a good enough.

Is it possible to increase the range?

A 1-2 km range can be achieved by using directional antennas and Bluetooth dongles with external antennas. We make such receivers #####na specjalne zamówienie.


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