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KeySender is a wireless keyboard tapper with datalogger.
I can remotely retrieve every key pressed.

Illustrative picture, every copy looks slightly different.


  • Independent of operating system.
  • Works just after power-on.
  • Works with every PS/2 keyboard.
  • Records all keys pressed.
  • Needs just a computer or laptop with Bluetooth.
  • Shows typed text on-line.
  • As opposed to keyloggers it can't be scanned by anti-virus software.
  • Long reception range.

Technical specification

Power 14 dbm at least (18 dBm typical)
Antenna gain2dBi at least
Memory 64 kB or 16 MB
Dimensions 47x24x10mm.

Operating parameters

Guaranteed range120 m in open space
Maximum range250 m in open space
Inside building rangeone floor or three walls
Parameters above are with BlueTake BT007Si receiver.


KEYSENDERelectronic board to assembly inside the keyboard, 64 kB memory.
-M option16 MB memory enhacement.
-S optionwire adapter version.
-B optiongood brand Bluetooth receiver included in the set with Keysender. KeySender with -S option is invisible to other Bluetooth reveivers.
Options can be put together, like KEYSENDER-MS, KEYSENDER-BMS, etc.


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